We are highly engaged in translating our advanced scientific knowledge and technologies into breakthrough healthcare solutions that empower societies to live better and healthier. A vibrant network based on strong partnerships between our scientific community, distinct players within pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and the Healthcare sector transforms innovative research & technologies into useful everyday products and life-saving medicines. 

Areas of Impact

Emerging Technologies

Recent advances in biology offer a deeper understanding of the molecular basis of complex diseases and unique opportunities to accelerate basic research into healthcare. At imed we are developing emerging technologies based on chemistry, biology and pharmaceutical sciences to facilitate the translation of these findings into new therapeutic options to detect and treat cancer, neurodegenerative, metabolic and infectious diseases.

Health Care Sector

The provision of healthcare to patients in the form of new drugs, devices or services is invaluable to support a healthier society. imed scientists strive to empower the healthcare sector with knowledge in the areas of health promotion, disease prevention and medicines optimization.

Pharma Industry

The pharmaceutical industry plays a decisive role in unravelling innovative therapeutic options to prevent diseases and cure or alleviate patients. imed researchers have established strong collaborations with national and international pharma industry to advance innovative research & technologies into the market, aiming to improve patient’s health and reducing the social burden of human diseases.

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