António Almeida

Advanced Technologies for Drug Delivery

Our major challenge is to deliver bioactive entities at cellular and intracellular target sites using advanced technologies, thus developing new delivery systems for clinically relevant situations, based on conventional and innovative materials, exploring invasive and non-invasive administration routes.

Nanostructured platforms for drug delivery (Emerging Technologies; Pharma Industry)

Our focus is to develop new delivery systems intended for invasive and non-invasive routes of administration in clinically relevant situations (inflammation, infections, genetic, autoimmune diseases and cancer), using conventional and new materials (lipids, polymers, metals, hybrid systems, natural products, agri-food by-products), and up-scalable techniques.


Skin targeting using specifically designed delivery systems (Oncology; Infectious Diseases)

We aim at achieving transdermal and regio-specific dermal delivery using deformable lipid carriers and nanoparticles, designed for non-invasive topical application, as well as developing animal models of skin inflammation and skin infection.


Local drug delivery strategies using biomaterials (Emerging Technologies; Infectious Diseases)

We develop and characterize advanced biomaterials for application in pharmaceutical and biomedical fields, including nano and macro (3D-printed scaffolds, catheters) platforms for implant-associated infections.


In vitro and in vivo models of disease (Emerging Technologies; Pharma Industry)

To evaluate the toxicity and therapeutic potential novel bioactive agents (synthesized, biological and plant derived molecules), we are focused on establishing in vitro (including 3D), ex vivo and in vivo experimental models for preclinical studies.

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Grenha A, Alves AD, Guerreiro F, Pinho J, Simões S, Almeida AJ, Gaspar MM. Inhalable locust bean gum microparticles co-associating isoniazid and rifabutin: therapeutic assessment in a murine model of tuberculosis infection. Eur J Pharm Biopharm 2020; 147: 38-44. DOI: 10.1016/j.ejpb.2019.11.009.
Pinho JO, Amaral JD, Castro RE, Rodrigues CMP, Casini A, Soveral G, Gaspar MM. Copper complex nanoformulations featuring highly promising therapeutic potential in murine melanoma models. Nanomedicine (London) 2019; 14: 835-850. DOI: 10.2217/nnm-2018-0388.

António Almeida

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