We are deeply committed to advance pharmacotherapy innovation and access to it by people living with illness by developing disruptive translational research to benefit human health, by converging our fundamental science discoveries into applied research. This is driven by the joint efforts of our institute with multiple players within the Healthcare sector, including policy-makers, clinicians and allied healthcare professionals and people living with illness and their representative organizations and associations.

Areas of Impact

Evidence-based interventions

Our research hub develops research around interventions that contribute to better health and well-being, including therapeutic and public health interventions. Research areas included focus on the development, implementation and dissemination of such interventions, aside with evidence generation to support their uptake.

Interprofessional collaboration and person-centred care

Person-centred care is the core interest of this impact area, which develops research in co-creation with the recipients of innovation. We believe that innovation will not flourish unless it is tailored according to the needs and desires of people living with disease. Involvement of various healthcare professionals is also a core feature of this research area, through which we explore practice implementation aspects that may hinder or advance progress.

Regulatory Sciences

This research area deals with medicines approval and the evidence to support their market entry, as well as evidence gathering on the post-approval phase by the development of effectiveness studies that may supplement previous information obtained from clinical trials and inform economic re-evaluation. Access to innovation is also a crucial aspect of the regulatory sciences research area.

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