João Almeida Lopes

Pharmaceutical Engineering and Manufacturing

The PhEMLab is focused on the underpinning sciences related with the design, optimization and manufacturing of bulk pharmaceutical dosage forms. The PhEmLab is oriented for pharmaceutical materials characterization (solid-state), particle engineering, drug products manufacturing process development (including continuous and 3D printing), modelling and advanced real-time high-throughput monitoring. The PhEMLab operates in strong collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry.

The Pharmaceutical Engineering and Manufacturing Lab (PhEMLab) dedicates to all aspects concerning the materials characterization, drug products development and manufacturing processes development. The lab is focused on underlying material sciences (focus on solid state physics), use of novel excipients, emerging manufacturing technologies (such as continuous manufacturing or additive manufacturing) and processes modelling and simulation, all directed towards translational activities. Activities range from formulation development, advanced process development and real-time control of manufacturing processes (PAT) up to the areas of personalized medicines (e.g., 3D printing technologies). The lab encompasses a strong interaction with the pharmaceutical industry at the National and European levels and a wider network of scientific collaborations worldwide in the fields of particle engineering and process analytical technology, as demonstrated by the high number of PhD students carrying out their scientific projects abroad. Strong and effective support to industry is provided by the lab in all areas related with drug products manufacturing processes with focus on solid bulk drug products. Additionally, PhEMLab members sit on multiple national and pan-European organizations directive boards related to the pharmaceutical sciences.

João Almeida Lopes

Group Leader


Phone: (+351) 217946434 (Ext. 14377)

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