Rui Moreira

Medicinal Chemistry

We design molecules and develop technologies to cure human diseases and accelerate drug discovery. Our research programme uses chemistry-centric approaches to interrogate biological systems and to modulate target-ligand interactions that underlie infection, cancer, and neurodegenerative disorders.

Our research programme is focused on chemistry-centric approaches to address unmet medical needs, including:


Targeting infectious diseases with small molecules

Our program is focused on identifying lead compounds to treat diseases such malaria and tuberculosis, with particular interest in multi-targeting drug design approaches.


Covalent inhibitors and chemical probes

We develop suitable photoaffinity and activity-based probes to identify new drug targets in proteomes, and apply these findings to design novel therapeutic tools to accelerate the discovery.


Targeted therapies for cancer and inflammation

We are focused on discovering and optimizing ligands for targets that remain poorly ‘druggable’. In addition, we design prodrugs and drug delivery platforms tailored for unique metabolic signatures found in tumors.


Artificial intelligence for drug discovery

We are interested in implementing bespoke software harnessing both supervised and unsupervised machine learning to accelerate drug discovery and processes.

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Rui Moreira

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