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Hello, everyone.
We are imed — Research Institute for Medicines.

Based in Lisbon but on a world-wide mission to spur medicine innovation, we’re a group of humanitarian scientists, curious minds and inclusive beings. We believe that overcoming micro challenges is what advances health sciences. Every perspective is valuable. 

No breakthrough is too small.


João Gonçalves

João Gonçalves


Small but all

The size of our Institute does not detracts us from encouraging excellence and ambition, while seeking to spur the scientific field in many diverse research areas.

Sharing efforts

We’re in this together: our strengths, constraints, resources, skills, inputs or outputs - all to be shared with our peers but also never letting society aside.


Credit where credit’s due

We remain attentive and will always be the first to praise and actually acknowledge one of our scientists for any breakthrough.


Driven by advancements

We challenge the established by researching the little things that can spark a change. Our pursuit starts there.


Mindful and mouthful

In order to break disciplinary barriers and to soar our science we must think and talk together. No blind spots here.


Heartfelt supervision

No breakthrough is too small to train, learn and grow.


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Faculdade de Farmácia da Universidade de Lisboa | Av. Professor Gama Pinto
1649-003 Lisboa | Portugal

Phone | +351 217 946 400
Fax | +351 217 946 470
Web | www.imed.ulisboa.pt
Email | imed.ulisboa@ff.ulisboa.pt