Pedro R. Florindo

Short bio & current area(s) of interest
Florindo main scientific interest is to explore the potential of metal complexes in drug discovery. His research focuses on development organometallic anticancer glycoconjugates to tackle selective delivery of metallic cytotoxic payloads in Warburg tumour phenotypes, with important results in the area. In the field of malaria, he has recently identified a potent ruthenium-containing antiplasmodial chemotype. His research interests span also through inorganic catalysis and metal-containing nonlinear optical materials.

Degree course (2003) in Chemistry, University of Lisbon, Portugal

PhD (2008) in Chemistry, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Post-doctoral Fellow (2008 – 2010), University of Barcelona (FFUB), Spain

Post-doctoral Fellow (2012 – 2016), University of Lisbon (CQE-IST-UL), Portugal

Post-doctoral Fellow (2017 – 2018), University of Lisbon (FFUL), Portugal

Invited Assistant Professor (2020 –), Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon, Portugal

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