April 25, 2022

iMed.ULisboa Neuroscience SEMINARS

Two new Neuroscience Seminars with iMed.ULisboa PhD Students will take place next Friday April 29th at 12h.


Ana Rita Garcia is a PhD student at Neurovascular Lab from iMed.ULisboa and will present the seminar “Disclosing alterations in breast cancer cells and blood-brain barrier along extravasation: first step for brain metastasis prevention”.

Ana Rita has been at iMed.ULisboa since 2018 as a fellow researcher, where she worked in the field of breast cancer brain metastasization, in specific focused on the interplay between triple­ negative   breast   cancer   cells and  blood-brain  barrier   during  extravasation process. In 2020, she has been awarded with a scholarship sponsored by Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro I Pfizer and in 2021, started her PhD in Pharmacy, after being awarded a scholarship from FCT.



Gonçalo Garcia is a PhD student at the Neuroinflammation, Neuroregeneration and Signaling Lab from iMed.ULisboa and will present the seminar “Exploring the role of inflammatory miRNAs and exosomes in Alzheimer’s disease using advanced human models”.

Gonçalo has been at iMed.ULisboa since 2017 with a PhD grant  from  FCT. Recently,  he was  granted  the  FCT project “Analyzing NeurolMmune  dysregulation in Alzheimer ‘s disease toward a Therapy with miRNA-loaded Exosomes – ANIMATE” (PTDC/MED-NEU/23821/2021), as Co-Pl. Until now, he  published  9  peer-reviewed  research  articles  (4  as  first  author)  in  international journals,  and  1  book  chapter  also  as  first  author.  His main areas of expertise are: neuroscience, neuroinflammation, cell culture advanced techniques, molecular biology.


Join these seminars here!

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