April 18, 2022

iMed.ULisboa Neuroscience SEMINAR: The disappearing act – how microglia support brain health

Veronique Miron, MRC Senior Non-Clinical Fellow & UK DRI Group Leader, UK Dementia Research Institute at The University of Edinburgh, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences & MRC Centre for Reproductive Health, will present the seminar “The disappearing act – how microglia support brain health” next Friday April 22nd at 12h.


In this lecture, Dr. Miron will discuss the roles of central nervous system resident macrophages (microglia) in brain development, homeostasis, injury and repair. She will present her group’s discoveries on how microglia are critical regulators of the health of myelin, the insulation surrounding nerve fibres which is critical for central nervous system, yet is damaged in numerous neurological disorders. She will present the lab’s recent work on a surprising mechanism regulating the regenerative function of microglia, and how using a new microglia-deficient model in development has elucidated unexpected roles in ageing and disease.


Join this seminar here

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