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Alexandre Neto

Research Fellow
Short bio & current area(s) of interest
Alexandre is a Biologist with a deep interest in Neurodegenerative disorders, especially for Multiple Sclerosis. Alexandre finished his MSc in Cellular and Molecular Biology (specialization in Neurobiology) in 2020 at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology – University of Coimbra, Portugal. During this period, he was involved in two different projects: (1) “Modulation of oligodendrocyte differentiation by mechanotransduction” supervised by Dr Mário Grãos (Cellular Mechanobiology – CNC UC); and (2) “The therapeutic potential of Vaccinium corymbosum L. senescent leaves (blueberries) in Multiple Sclerosis: adding value to a regional agro-waste product”, headed by Dr Flávio Reis (Insulin resistance and diabetic angiopathy group – ICBR – FMUC). During his master’s thesis, he developed his research on the potential use of Nanobodies to target S100B negative effects, on an animal model of Multiple Sclerosis, within the current group “Central Nervous System, Blood and Peripheral Inflammation”. Currently, Alexandre is a research fellow, under the project “Role of obesity in multiple sclerosis: oligodendrocyte-related miRNAs as new targets to induce remyelination”.

BSc (2018) in Biology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

MSc (2020) in Cellular and Molecular Biology (Neurobiology specialization), Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal


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