Maria Eduardo Figueira

Principal Investigator
Short bio & current area(s) of interest
a) Functional foods. Study of bioactive compounds, especially phenolic compounds, from some foods (namely fruits, juice fruits, olive oil, green tea) chemical characterization and physiological effects in animals and humans with special focus on oxidation, inflammation (models of acute and chronic inflammation), plasma lipid profiles including atherosclerosis and diabetes type 2 (biochemical markers). b) Food suplements. Risk / benefit. c) Chemical analysis of contaminants of food, food supplements and water.

PharmD (1982) in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy – University of Lisbon, Portugal

PhD (2009) in Bromatology, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Habilitation in Bromatology (2020), University of Lisbon, Portugal

Assistant Professor of Bromatology at the Faculty of Pharmacy – University of Lisbon, Portugal

Coordinator of Mestrado Qualidade Alimentar e Saúde of Faculty of Pharmacy – University of Lisbon

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