May 2, 2024

Workshop: How to Write a Great Research Paper and Get it Accepted by a Good Journal

Anthony Newman, Senior Publisher at Elsevier STM Journals, will present the Workshop on “How to Write a Great Research Paper and Get it Accepted by a Good Journal”, at Faculty of Pharmacy, Universidade de Lisboa, on May 13th, from 2:30pm-4:00pm.


Anthony Newman, is a polymer chemist and was active in industry before leaving London and moving to Amsterdam in 1987 to join Elsevier. Before becoming a Publisher, he was the marketing communications manager for the biochemistry journals of Elsevier. Recently became an Emeritus Publisher after over 26 years as a Publisher.

Newman has presented more than 1000 various author, researcher, and ethics workshops over the past 20 years both virtually and in person, at universities, conferences, and societies gatherings in many parts of the world.


The insights provided into the publishing process will enable each participant to be more confident as an author in the world of science publishing, helping to publish articles more easily.


Registrations here.

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