Strategic Plan

In 2018-22, we will pursue our mission by focusing on four essential, interdependent objectives:

Objective 1: Build on current strengths

We build on our current strengths and develop areas with potential and strategic fit, pooling expertise, knowledge and resources, and promoting cross-fertilisation between disciplines.

Innovative precise therapeutic strategies and technologies will be prioritized, pre-clinical relevant research will be expanded, and collaborations with clinicians will translate biomarker and epidemiology data to better usage of medicines.

Objective 2: Nurture leadership, training and learning

We nurture leadership through the continued recruitment of high calibre research staff who will deliver on research and innovation priorities; support development and opportunities for early career researchers, including expansion of research activities and starting grants through seed funding; expand on current networks of PhD training; and provide opportunities in research for undergraduates.

Objective 3: Pursue strategic research partnerships

We pursue strategic research partnerships and collaborations with other universities, organizations and businesses to speed discovery across medicines research and innovation, and enhance postgraduate student career opportunities.

Objective 4: Support exchange of knowledge and technology

We strongly engage in exchange initiatives, remove obstacles in the research to clinical practice pipeline, explore commercial opportunities, stimulate innovation and create wealth. We will continue to provide services, generate patents, transfer technology to spin-offs, pharma and hospitals, and implement policies on the conduct of science and report of data.