“Núcleo de Prestação de Serviços”

This facility provides services of clinical analyses for diagnosis and monitoring, open to general public, social services, healthcare units, state and private hospitals and non-profit organizations.

The Clinical Biochemistry laboratory offers unique means for the diagnosis of familial hyperbilirubinemias (Gilbert and Crigler Najjar syndromes), as well as for diagnosis and prognosis of various acute and chronic liver diseases, and their therapeutic monitoring. The diagnosis and therapy follow-up of inherited metabolic disorders is performed through the characterization of the metabolic profiling and biomarker identification. This laboratory is member of European Network ERNDIM and one of two laboratories in the country with the technological and scientific knowledge to perform these particular analyses.

The Clinical Microbiology laboratory is a reference in the diagnosis and monitoring of HIV infection/AIDS and other associated infections, such as tuberculosis and fungal infections. The Microbiological Control laboratory provides services for the control of pharmaceutical, biological and cosmetic products, antibiotics and others.

The Molecular Biotechnology laboratory performs immunogenicity assays against biotechnological drugs and quantification in the blood of therapeutic proteins.

Head: Dora Brites, Isabel Tavares de Almeida, José Moniz Pereira