Cell Culture

The Cell Culture Facility comprises dedicated cell culture rooms equipped with the required environment and equipment for a wide range of cell and tissue culture procedures, from maintenance and manipulation of cell lines and tissue samples, to cell observation and data analysis. In addition, the facility provides routine mycoplasma detection testing for mammalian cell lines.

Consists of laminar flow hoods (Esco, Class II Type A2), CO2 incubators (Hera Cell), inverted microscopes (Zeiss) coupled to an imaging system (Leica), and support equipment (centrifuges, water baths, refrigerators, freezers). Fluorescence and bright-field microscopes (Zeiss) with dedicated cameras (Leica) and imaging and acquisition systems are available.

Additional dedicated equipment provides cell analysis high-throughput capabilities with Multidrop Combi Reagent Dispenser (Thermo Scientific) for 6 to 1536-well plates; GloMax®-Multi+Microplate Multimode Reader (Promega), accepting 6 to 384-well plates, and accommodating luminometer, fluorescence, and visible/UV absorbance modules and dual injector system for 6 to 96-well plate formats; and xCELLigence RTCA SP (ACEA Biosciences) for real-time label free impedence-based cell analysis in 96-well format.

Provides biological evaluation of cell function, routinely determining the role of transgenes and the cytotoxic and cytoprotective activities of synthetic and natural compounds in multiple cell models, including immortalized cells (human, monkey, rat, mouse), primary cultures (rat and mouse liver, brain), and embryonic stem cells (rat and mouse).

A full service by experienced technical personnel is also provided to external entities upon request and contract.

Head: Joana Amaral, Rui Silva