Biosafety Level 3

The Biosafety Level 3 Facility is specifically dedicated to research involving biological pathogens of level 3 security. It was designed to minimize the risk of personnel and environmental exposure to potential hazardous agents according to European and Portuguese legislation. All users must undergo specific biosafety level 3 training, and must follow strict rules and guidelines while working in the facility.

Consists of an anteroom for material and personnel preparation, and a main procedure room equipped with tree vertical laminar flow chambers (type A2 and type B2), three CO2 incubators (Hera Cell), one regular incubator, two benchtop centrifuges (Eppendorff), a benchtop ultracentrifuge (Beckman), an aerosol-tight microfuge (Eppendorff), a Tecan infinite 200 multimode microplate reader, water baths, freezers, refrigerators, optical and inverted phase-contrast microscopes (Leica), and a dedicated double door pass-through autoclave (Matachana).

Available to external researchers.

Head: Quirina Santos Costa