Pharmacoepidemiology and Social Pharmacy

Group Leader

Fernando Fernandez-Llimos

PhD (2003) in Pharmacy, University of Granada, Spain
Assistant Professor, Social Pharmacy, Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Lisboa

The Research

Our research areas start at the pre-approval phase, by contributing to the assessment of medicine efficacy and safety through the use of epidemiologic designs and end with the usage of medicines by individuals and populations. Real-life use of medicines is a major interest of our group. We cover this use of medicines from a societal and population level to an individual level. At a societal level, we are interested on assessing how health systems organize themselves to promote a rational use of medicines: from drug policy decisions to pharmacoeconomics. We study how pharmacy services, both community and hospital, are organized to contribute to this rational use of medicines by analyzing clinical pharmacy service provision, medicines safety culture and the attitudes from other healthcare professionals to this role. We have also a focus on regulatory aspects of medicines authorization process, analyzing the information sources that make part of this process, as well as the characteristics of the conditions and settings of use where the medicine will be approved for.

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Ongoing Projects

Source: EACEA (561644-EPP-1-2015RS-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP)
Title: ReFEEHs Reinforcement of the Framework for Experiential Education in Healthcare in Serbia
PI: Liliana Tasic (University of Belgrade)
Team member: Afonso Cavaco
Period: 2015 – 2018

Recent Most Relevant Publications

Garcia-Cardenas V, Armour C, Benrimoj SI, Martinez-Martinez F, Rotta I, Fernandez-Llimos F. Pharmacists’ interventions on clinical asthma outcomes: a systematic review. Eur Resp J 2016; 47: 1134-43.

Tonin FS, Piazza T, Wiens A, Fernandez-Llimos F, Pontarolo R. Adverse events and treatment failure leading to discontinuation of recently approved antipsychotic drugs in schizophrenia: A network meta-analysis. Schizophrenia Research 2015; 169: 483-485.

Arguello B, Salgado TM, Fernandez-Llimos F. Assessing the information in the Summaries of Product Characteristics for the use of medicines in pregnancy and lactation. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 2015; 79: 537-44.

Pelicano-Romano J, Neves MR, Amado A, Cavaco AM. Do community pharmacists actively engage elderly patients in the dialogue? Results from pharmaceutical care consultations. Health Expectations 2015; 18: 1721-34.

Pires CM, Cavaco AM. Exploring the perspectives of potential consumers and healthcare professionals on the readability of a package insert: a case study of an over-the-counter medicine. European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 2014;70: 583-588.



Group Members

PhD Students