Drug Development

Program Area Leader

Beatriz Silva Lima

PhD (1991) in Pharmacy, Universidade de Lisboa
Full Professor, Pharmacological Sciences, Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Lisboa
Group Leader, Pharmacological and Regulatory Sciences at iMed.ULisboa

The Program

For a molecular candidate to successfully progress through development, strong knowledge on its target, target interactions, and role in health and disease are needed. Efficacy and safety require early prediction before human administration. Focus is on generating the pharmacological, pharmacokinetic and safety attributes needed to drive molecules into first-in-human studies. A coherent strategy integrates new drug delivery systems and non-biological complex drugs, including nanotechnology-based solutions. Supportive nonclinical studies aligned with International Conference of Harmonization nonclinical guidelines for different types of first-in-human exploratory studies are designed and conducted.


Research Groups