Sandra Simões

PhD (2005) in Pharmaceutical Technology, Universidade de Lisboa
Auxiliar Researcher, Galenic Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Lisboa

Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Lisboa — Av. Prof. Gama Pinto, 1649-003 Lisboa, Portugal

T (+351) 217 500 767
F (+351) 217 946 470
Researcher ID C-2614-2014
Group Researcher ID B-5393-2014
Scopus Author ID 8724939200

Research Interests

Sandra Simões areas of expertise include design, development and biological evaluation of optimal drug delivery systems for dermal and transdermal delivery, for small and large molecules. Research activity deals with drug-excipient and drug-skin interactions, stem cell-based therapies and development of animal models of acute and chronic inflammation, skin infection and wound-healing.

Selected Publications

Pivetta TP, Simões S, Araújo MM, Carvalho T, Arruda C, Marcato PD. Development of nanoparticles from natural lipids for topical delivery of thymol: Investigation of its anti-inflammatory properties. Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces 2018; 164: 281-290.

Marto J, Vitor C, Guerreiro A, Severino C, Eleutério C, Ascenso A, Simões S. Ethosomes for enhanced skin delivery of griseofulvin. Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces 2016; 146: 616-23.

Ascenso A, Pinho S, Eleutério C, Praça FG, Bentley MVLB, Oliveira H, Santos C, Silva O, Simões S. Lycopene from Tomatoes: Vesicular nanocarrier formulations for dermal delivery. J Agric Food Chem 2013; 61: 7284-93.

Santos JM, Barcia RN, Simões SI, Gaspar MM, Calado S, Água-Doce A, Almeida SCP, Almeida J, Filipe M, Teixeira M, Martins JP, Graça L, Cruz MEM, Cruz P, Cruz H. The role of human umbilical cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (UCX(R)) in the treatment of inflammatory arthritis. J Transl Med 2013; 18: 1-13.

Simões SI, Delgado TC, Lopes RM, Jesus S, Ferreira AA, Morais JA, Cruz MEM, Corvo ML, Martins MBF. Developments in the rat adjuvant arthritis model and its use in therapeutic evaluation of novel non-invasive treatment by SOD in Transfersomes. J Control Release 2005; 103:419-34.