António J. Almeida

PhD (1993), University of Aston, Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Institute, Birmingham, UK

Habilitation (2005) in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

Full Professor, Galenic Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Lisboa

Group Leader, Nanostructured Systems for Overcoming Biological Barriers at iMed.ULisboa

Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Lisboa — Av. Prof. Gama Pinto, 1649-003 Lisboa, Portugal

T (+351) 217 946 400
F (+351) 217 946 470
Researcher ID I-6590-2012
Group Researcher ID B-5393-2014
Scopus Author ID 7202913772

Research Interests

Almeida leads a group investigating the modulation of transport across biological barriers using nanostructured drug delivery systems (nanoDDS) as a major challenge in the drug delivery field. His main interests include the development of polymeric and lipid-based nanoDDS for bioactive molecules and antigens for infectious diseases treatment and prevention, as well as the mechanisms of particle translocation across epithelia. Almeida has developed hybrid particulate systems for vaccine delivery and pulmonary drug delivery.

Selected Publications

Marto J, Ruivo E, Lucas SD, Gonçalves LM, Simões S, Gouveia LM, Felix R, Moreira R, Ribeiro HM Almeida AJ. Starch nanocapsules containing a novel neutrophil elastase inhibitor with improved pharmaceutical performance. Eur J Pharm Biopharm 2018; 127: 1-11.

Gaspar DP, Serra C, Lino PR, Gonçalves LMD, Taboada P, Remuñán-López C, Almeida AJ. Microencapsulated SLN: an innovative strategy for pulmonary protein delivery. Int J Pharm 2017; 516: 231-246.

Florindo HF, Pandit S, Lacerda, L, Gonçalves LMD, Alpar HO, Almeida AJ. The enhancement of the immune response against S. equi antigens through the intranasal administration of poly-ε-caprolactone-based nanoparticles. Biomaterials 2009; 30: 879-891.

Videira M, Botelho MF, Santos AC, Gouveia LF, Pedroso de Lima JJ, Almeida AJ. Lymphatic uptake of pulmonary delivered radiolabelled solid lipid nanoparticles. J Drug Targeting 2002; 10: 607-613.

Almeida AJ, Runge S, Müller RH. Peptide-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN): influence of production parameters. Int J Pharm 1997; 149: 255-265.