PhD student’s activities

PhD students are organized in the iMed.ULisboa Postgraduate Students Commission (ipSC) that promotes activities to foster scientific exchange and social networking within iMed.ULisboa community, including workshops, annual meeting, and social events.

The annual PhD Students meeting is organized entirely by PhD students and includes student’s oral presentations and posters, in addition to lectures by renowned scientists.

Commission members 2017-18:
André Simão (Cellular Function and Therapeutic Targeting)
Bárbara Carreira (BioNanoSciences ­ Drug Delivery and Immunotherapy)
Ester Ventura (BioNanoSciences ­ Drug Delivery and Immunotherapy)
João António (Bioorganic Chemistry)
Inês Vieira da Silva (Metabolism and Genetics)
Margarida Espadinha (Medicinal Chemistry)
Maria Ribeiro (Cellular Function and Therapeutic Targeting)
Marta Barbosa (Neuron-Glia Biology in Health and Disease)
Rafael Gomes (Bioorganic Chemistry)
Sofia Domingos (Medicinal Chemistry)