Foreword by the Coordinator


At iMed.ULisboa, we facilitate a highly collegial and inclusive environment, which encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration and inspires researchers to achieve their aims. Specific areas for development have been identified to provide a focus for further opportunities of collaboration and leadership development within and across the research groups. We provide scientific excellence within areas of biology, chemical biology, medicinal chemistry, and pharmaceutical nanotechnology, having unique facilities, such as high throughput screening platforms and assay development in drug discovery, post-screening hit-to-tool-to-lead optimisation, proprietary technologies to build precise drug conjugates and engineered nanosystems for drug delivery.

Our network of international collaboration is extensive but always seeking to be expanded to structured strategic partnerships with reference institutions. Close interactions with hospitals, pharmacy industry and biotechs remains a priority.

This interdisciplinary and collaborative environment nurtures leadership and attracts postdoctoral researchers, PhD students, and young undergraduates and master students to iMed.ULisboa programmes. European training networks and FCT funded PhD Programmes have greatly contributed to this attractive training environment that iMed.ULisboa intends to promote and further expand.

Today, iMed.ULisboa is an attractive partner and key leader in many consortia at national and European levels that thrives for major gains in human health, research and training. Currently, more than 200 integrated researchers develop their projects and training at iMed.ULisboa, including similar numbers of PhD faculty members holding university contracts and PhD students, in addition to  postdoctoral fellows. These, along with medical doctors, academic and industry partners, are behind many recent achievements, and goals that we will pursue in the future.

Cecília M. P. Rodrigues