The organizational structure at iMed.ULisboa is headed by the Coordinator that ensures scientific leadership and is responsible for management activities, leading the Executive Board. This governing body is composed by leaders of the four strategic Programme AreasDrug Discovery, Drug Design, Drug Development, Drug Usage – and ensures overall development and implementation of coordinated initiatives and activities from the strategic plan, meeting on a weekly basis.

The Leaders Council comprises the group leaders, elects the Coordinator and meets monthly, as it contributes to the overall design and implementation of scientific strategies; young principal researchers extensively engage in designing and implementing scientific strategies. Fourteen research groups further ensure implementation, aligned with specific interconnected scientific objectives.

The Postgraduate Student’s Commission represents PhD students, meets regularly with the Executive Board, and organizes scientific meetings and other activities.

The Scientific Advisory Board audits and recommends on research activities, goals and achievements (Stephen Caddick, University College London and Wellcome Trust, UK; Antonio Zorzano, University of Barcelona, Spain, and Mark McAllister, Pfizer, UK).

Administrative provision, intense research communication and networking activities are managed in collaboration with the Faculty of Pharmacy and FARM-ID as a private not-for-profit association of Faculty of Pharmacy for R&D.