July 27, 2022

5th Training Course, CA17-112 PRO EURO DILI NET | Novel Challenges in Toxicology

The 5th Training Course “CA17-112 PRO EURO DILI NET  |  Novel Challenges in Toxicology will be running from September 27th to 29th, 2022 at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon, in a hybrid mode (ie, you can participate remotely or in person).


It aims to provide an updated overview of key toxicological concepts, mainly those important for all steps of drug discovery & development. The training course also intends to explore the new challenges in toxicology in the context of biomedical sciences, drug safety, novel technologies (“omics”), application of advanced in vitro models (e.g. 3D models) and impact of toxicology in modern society.


This training course is is compose by an international panel of experts from academia and regulatory sciences, and it is open to PhD and MSc students, researchers, university teaching staff, experts in toxicology and related areas.


Grants are available for funding the participation.

Applications deadline: September 12th 2022

Find more information about the program and registrations here.


Course Coordinators:Joana Miranda and Nuno Oliveira, from Advanced Cell Models for Predictive Toxicology & Cell-based Therapies iMed.ULisboa group

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