July 22, 2022


(Two) Research Fellowships – EXPL/QUI-OUT/1288/2021

Application deadline: 22/08/2022 

Open call for (two) Research Grants within the scope of the project EXPL/QUI-OUT/1288/2021, titled: “ChemSlotProtein: Expanding the druggable universe to unlock chemists’ creativity”.

Public Notice and Application here!

Euraxess Notice no. BI/9/FARM-ID/2022


(Five) Research Fellowships – “Verão com Ciência – 2022”

Open call for (five) Research Grants for students enrolled in a Masters or Integrated Masters, within the scope of the project “Verão com Ciência – 2022”, funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P. The grant will last for 1 month (non-renewable), starting in September 2022.

Application deadline: 29/07/2022

Public Notice and Applications here!

Euraxess Notice no. BII/1/FF/2022

Euraxess Notice no. BII/2/FF/2022

Euraxess Notice no. BII/3/FF/2022

Euraxess Notice no. BII/4/FF/2022

Euraxess Notice no. BII/5/FF/2022


Research Fellowship – EXPL/MED-NEU/1033/2021

Application deadline: 22/07/2022 

Open call for (one) Research Grant within the scope of the project titled “Role of obesity in multiple sclerosis: oligodendrocyte-related miRNAs as new targets to induce remyelination”.

Public Notice and Application here!

Euraxess Notice no. BI/8/FARM-ID/2022


Junior Researcher – PTDC/MED-NEU/2382/2021

Application deadline: 15/07/2022   (CLOSED)

Open call for the recruitment of a doctorate for the development of the research project on “Analyzing NeuroIMmune dysregulation in Alzheimer´s disease toward a Therapy with miRNA-loaded Exosomes”.

Public Notice and Application here!

Euraxess Notice Number 5/2022/PTDC/MED-NEU/2382/2021


Doctoral Candidate – OncoProTools Doctoral Candidate (DC8)

Application deadline: 15/07/2022   (CLOSED)

Open call for a PhD candidate under the OncoProTools Doctoral Network. This DC will enroll on a PhD degree programme and be employed for 36 months. The position “Doctoral Candidate (DC8) – Novel probes for imaging of tumor-associated cathepsins via Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and fluorescence microscopy” is jointly hosted by the Medicinal Chemistry and Medicinal Organic Chemistry groups at iMed.ULisboa, Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon.

Public Notice and Application here!

Euraxess Notice no. OPT-DC8

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