May 4, 2022

iMed.ULisboa SEMINAR: Protein engineering and synthetic biology towards the development of new biodrugs

João Gonçalves, Full Professor at Faculty of Pharmacy, Universidade de Lisboa, Group Leader of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology Lab and Coordinator of iMed.ULisboa, will present the seminar “Protein engineering and synthetic biology towards the development of new biodrugs” next Friday May 6th at 12h.


Antibody drugs became an increasingly important element of the therapeutic landscape. Their accomplishment has been driven by many unique properties, in particular by their very high specificity and selectivity, in contrast to the off-target liabilities of small molecules (SMs). Antibodies can bring additional functionality to the table with their ability to interact with the immune system, and this can be further manipulated with advances in antibody engineering. In this seminar we will show antibody engineering technologies that were developed and explored to obtain chosen characteristics of selected leading candidates against viruses and cancer such as high affinity, low immunogenicity, improved functionality, improved protein production, improved stability, and others. Discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies encompasses in vivo immunization, synthetic libraries, and surface display methodologies. To overcome some of their limitations, several platforms in invitro and in cells have been developed. Moreover, these platforms aim to replicate in the bench both primary and secondary antibody diversification mechanisms that occur in vivo. In this seminar, it will be presented the latest strategies that have been used to mirror both naive and affinity-maturated antibody repertoire. In addition, the strategies to deliver proteins and antibodies intracellularly to explore future integration of chemical biology and biologics to manipulate gene expression will also be discussed.


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