April 13, 2022

iMed.ULisboa Neuroscience SEMINAR: Dietary compounds and neuroprotection

Carmen García Parrilla, Professor in Nutrition and Food Science, Department of Nutrition, Food Science, Toxicology and Forensic Medicine of Faculty of Pharmacy, Universidad de Sevilla, will present the seminar “Dietary compounds and neuroprotection” next Monday April 18th at 12h.


In this seminar, it will be discussed how the Adherence to Mediterranean diet decreases the risk of suffering Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. The Mediterranean diet is rich in bioactive such as polyphenolic compounds. Among the underlying mechanism that provide an explanation to epidemiology data is the ability of certain compounds to inhibit the aggregation of beta-amyloid and alpha-synuclein proteins as hallmarks of such diseases respectively. The protective effects of dietary compound as hydroxytyrosol present in olive oil and wine as well as protocatechuic acid (a metabolite of anthocyanins) will be discussed. These data provide scientific evidence of the neuroprotective role of diet.


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