April 8, 2022

Carlos Afonso honored as Chemistry Europe Fellow

Carlos Afonso, Full Professor at Faculty of Pharmacy, Universidade de Lisboa and Group Leader of Bioorganic Chemistry Lab at iMed.ULisboa was honored as Chemistry Europe Fellow Class 2020/2021.


The Chemistry Europe Fellows Program was established in 2015 by the Chemistry Europe Presidents and Representatives to recognize members of the Chemistry Europe societies for their outstanding achievements and contributions to Chemistry Europe and their service to at least one member society. The Chemistry Europe Fellows Program is established to foster the identity of Chemistry Europe within continental Europe but is not limited to that continent. This year, Chemistry Europe honors 27 persons for their outstanding support and contributions to the European joint publishing venture. The Fellowship is the highest award given by Chemistry Europe.


New Fellows are announced every two years in the run-up to the biannual EuChemS Congress. Fellows receive a certificate and retain the designation as Chemistry Europe Fellow for life.


More information here.

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