Nanostructured Systems for Overcoming Biological Barriers

Group Leader

António J. Almeida

PhD (1993) in Pharmaceutics, Aston University, Birmingham, UK.
Full Professor, Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Lisboa

The Research


Overcoming biological barriers is the key for the development of many therapeutics and vaccines. Therefore, modulation of transport across biological barriers is one of the major challenges in the drug delivery field. Our group deals with complex and challenging problems involved in drug transport across biological barriers and delivery at cellular and intracellular target sites by means of engineering micro- and nanoformulation of bioactive entities. It aims at developing new drug delivery systems adequate for nanomedicine strategies in specific clinically relevant situations (inflammatory, infectious, genetic, autoimmune diseases and cancer) through a multidisciplinary approach involving existing competencies.

Ongoing Projects

Source: The National PKU Alliance (NPKUA), EUA
Title: Human phenylalanine hydroxylase and nanobiomaterials: a novel enzyme reposition therapy approach to PKU.
Co-PIs: António J. Almeida and Paula Leandro
Period: 2015-2017

Source: Laboratório Edol – Produtos Farmacêuticos, S.A.
Title: Desenvolvimento de formulações para uso tópico e ofltálmico
PI: Joana Marto
Period: 2016-2018

Source: FCT (PTDC/CTMNAN/2658/2014)
Title: Dual nanostructured lipid carriers as a multifunctional platform for brain tumor therapy
Local PI: António J Almeida
Period: 2016-2018
Source: Programa Gilead Génese – PGG/006/2016

Title: VIH_TRANFERSOME: Inibidor de fusão veiculado em transfersomas para libertação transdérmica
Local PI: Andreia Ascenso
Period: 2016-2017
Source: COMPETE 2020

Title: POINT4PAC – Precision oncology by innovative therapies and technologies
Local PI: Sandra Simões
Period: 2017-2019

Recent Most Relevant Publications

Gaspar MM, Calado S, Pereira J, Ferronha H, Correia I, Castro H, Tomás AM, Cruz MEM (2015). Targeted delivery of paromomycin in murine infectious diseases through association to nanolipid systems. Nanomed-Nanotechnol. 2015; 11: 1851-60.

Lopes RM, Pereira J, Esteves MA, Gaspar MM, Carvalheiro M, Eleutério CV, Gonçalves L, Jiménez-Ruiz A, Almeida AJ, Cruz ME. Lipid-based nanoformulations of trifluralin analogs in the management of Leishmania infantum infections. Nanomedicine-UK. 2016; 11: 153-70.

Marto J, Ascenso A, Gonçalves LM, Gouveia LF, Manteigas P, Pinto P, Oliveira E, Almeida AJ, Ribeiro HM. Melatonin-based Pickering emulsion for skin’s photoprotection. Drug Deliv 2016; 23: 1594-607.

Marto J, Vitor C, Guerreiro A, Severino C, Eleutério C, Ascenso A, Simões S. Ethosomes for enhanced skin delivery of griseofulvin. Colloid Surface B 2016; 146: 616-23.

Gaspar DP, Serra C, Lino PR, Gonçalves LMD, Taboada P, Remuñán-López C, Almeida AJ. Microencapsulated SLN: an innovative strategy for pulmonary protein delivery. Int J Pharm, 2017; 516: 231-46.

Group Members

PhD Students

  • Ana Luísa Vargas Henriques Mota
  • Beatriz Rosa Silva
  • Jacinta de Oliveira Pinho

Master Students

  • António Tortorella
  • Marina Teixeira
  • Nuno Cruz
  • Raquel Calado
  • Telmo Pereira


  • Magda Sofia Catroga Ferreira