Intracellular Trafficking Modulation for Advanced Drug Delivery Research

Group Leader

Helena F. Florindo

PhD (2008) in Pharmaceutical Technology, Universidade de Lisboa, NL
Assistant Professor

The Research

Grupo Rogério Gaspar

Our group focuses on the design and development of technology platforms as nanomedicine strategies in specific clinically relevant situations such as in cancer, genetic diseases and immunomodulation, guided by the characterization of intracellular trafficking and signaling pathways to efficiently overcome specific cellular barriers. The modulation of intracellular trafficking through the use of colloidal systems purposely engineered at the nano-scale addresses the need to clarify the mechanisms of drug transport to specific intracellular targets at the endocytic or cytosolic level, including new strategies for antigen presentation by dendritic cells and macrophages. New intracellular targets are also being aimed to maximize the potential use of new innovative technologies arising from better characterization of intracellular molecular biophysics.potential use of new innovative technologies arising from better characterization of intracellular molecular biophysics.


Ongoing Projects

Source: FCT (ENMed/0003/2015)
Title: Targeting tumor microenvironment by a translational multivalent nanomedicine: towards an effective anticancer combination immunotherapy
PI: Rogério Gaspar
Period: 2016-2019

Source: FCT (PTDC/BBB-BQB/3710/2014)
Title: Atyp-SLs: Biophysical and biological properties of atypical sphingolipids: implications to physiology and pathophysiology
PI: Liana C SIlva
Period: 2016-2019

Source: FCT Program Austin-Portugal  (UTAP-ICDT/DTP-FTO/0016/2014)
Title: Multidisciplinary Strategy to Develop Novel Multicomponent Nanoscale Systems for Immune Modulation
PI: Helena F Florindo
Period: 2015-2018

Source: FCT (PTDC/AAGTEC/4501/2014)
Title: Impact of engineered nanoparticles and microplastics on textile wastewater treatment with aerobic granular sludge technology
Team member: João A. Lopes
Period: 2016-2018

Source: Relvas II SA, Portugal
Title: Development of an high-throughput system for evaluating cork disks quality for in-process implementation
PI: João A. Lopes
Period: 2016

Recent Most Relevant Publications

Silva JM, Zupancic E, Vandermeulen G, Oliveira V, Salgado A, Videira M, Gaspar M, Graça L, Préat V, Florindo H F. In vivo delivery of peptides and Toll-like receptor ligands by mannose-functionalized polymeric nanoparticles induces prophylactic and therapeutic anti-tumor immune responses in a melanoma model. J Control Release 2015; 198C; 91-103.

Corvo ML, Marinho HS, Marcelino P, Lopes RM, Vale CA, Marques CR, Martins LC, Laverman P, Storm G, Martins MB. Superoxide dismutase enzymosomes: carrier capacity optimization, in vivo behaviour and therapeutic activity. Pharm Res. 2015;32(1):91-102.

Sarraguça MC, Ribeiro PRS, dos Santos AO, Lopes JA. Batch statistical process monitoring approach to a cocrystallization process. J. Pharm. Sci. 2015; 104(12),4099-4108

Pinto SN, Laviad EL, Stiban S, Kelly SL, Merrill AH, Prieto M, Futerman AH, Silva LC*. Changes in membrane biophysical properties induced by sphingomyelinase depend on the sphingolipid N-acyl chain. J Lip Res 2014; 55: 53-61

Gaspar R. NANOPARTICLES: Pushed off target with proteins (invited commentary). Nat Nanotechnol. 2013; 8: 79-80.

Group Members

PhD Students

Master Students

  • Ana Margarida Ferreira da Silva
  • Nago Crispin Korstick Ferreira da Silva
  • Pedro Cordeiro
  • Ana Filipa Moniz
  • Rute Dias
  • André Canas
  • Sara Ramos
  • Bárbara Viola Baptista
  • Marta Ferreira
  • Joana Anjos Ferreira


  • António Geraldo
  • Inês Rodrigues