Intracellular Trafficking Modulation for Advanced Drug Delivery Research

Group Leader

Helena F. Florindo

PhD (2008) in Pharmaceutical Technology, Universidade de Lisboa, NL
Assistant Professor

The Research


Our group focuses on the design and development of technology platforms as nanomedicine strategies in specific clinically relevant situations such as in cancer, genetic diseases and immunomodulation, through the characterization of intracellular trafficking and signaling pathways to efficiently overcome specific cellular barriers. The modulation of intracellular trafficking through the use of colloidal systems purposely engineered at the nano-scale addresses the need to clarify the mechanisms of drug transport to specific intracellular targets at the endocytic or cytosolic level, including new strategies for antigen presentation by dendritic cells and macrophages. New intracellular targets are also being aimed to maximize the potential use of new innovative technologies arising from better characterization of intracellular molecular biophysics.


Ongoing Projects

Source: FCT (PTDC/SAU-FAR/119389/2010)
Title: TherMelVac – dendritic cell-targeted peptide vaccine against melanoma by ligand-modified nanoparticles
PI: Helena Florindo
Period: 2012-2015

Source: FCT (PTDC/SAU-FAR/120453/2010)
Title: siRNA incorporation in a lipid/micelle-based nanocarrier as a strategy to restore E-cadherin expression and eradicate advanced breast cancer metastatic phenotype
PI: Mafalda Videira
Period: 2011-2015

Source: FCT (PTDC /BBB-BQB/0506/2012)
Title: Ceramide-Platforms: implication of membrane biophysical properties on ceramide biological outcome
PI: Liana C. Silva
Period: 2013-2015

Source: FCT (PTDC/QUI-BIQ/111411/2009)
Title: Ceramide and Glucosylceramide impact on membrane biophysical properties: from models of plasma- and lysosomal-membranes to the cell membrane
PI: Liana C. Silva
Period: 2010-2014

Source: FCT (PTDC/SAU-TOX/120953/2010)
Title: Novel metabolic profiling approach for evaluating the toxicological effects of silver nanoparticles in human cells
PI: Iola Duarte (Universidade de Aveiro); Team member: Luísa Corvo
Period: 2011-2014

Recent Most Relevant Publications

Gaspar R. NANOPARTICLES: Pushed off target with proteins (invited commentary). Nat Nanotechnol. 2013; 8: 79-80.

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Moura V, Lacerda M, Figueiredo P, Corvo ML, Cruz MEM, Soares R, de Lima MCP, Simoes S, Moreira JN. Targeted and intracellular triggered delivery of therapeutics to cancer cells and the tumor microenvironment: impact on the treatment of breast cancer. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2012; 133: 61-73.

Castro BM, Silva LC, Fedorov A, de Almeida RFM, Prieto M. Cholesterol-rich Fluid Membranes Solubilize Ceramide Domains. Implications for the Structure and Dynamics of Mammalian Intracellular and Plasma Membranes. J Biol Chem. 2009; 284: 22978-22987.