February 2018

Investigator from iMed.ULisboa as a co-signatory of Nature comment: Find drugs that delay many diseases of old age

The comment Find drugs that delay many diseases of old age highlights that the increasing life expectancy in Europe will mean more years of chronic diseases and how geroprotectors may delay the onset of concurrent age-related diseases (multimorbidity) and boost resilience.

The comment resumes the thoughts of a network of academic and industry scientists, clinicians and regulators involved in COST Action BM1402: MouseAGE, including Adelaide Fernandes, investigator from Neuron-Glia Biology in Health and Disease. Three steps are suggested to speed up the translation of geroprotectors to clinical practice: 1) Agree on definitions – define the condition to assay drug efficacy in order to be approved for clinical use; 2) Improve animal models – that better describe the ageing process and the presence of multiple disorders; 3) Agree on desired metrics – define the outcomes to be measured in model organisms and in patients.