May 2018

iMed.ULisboa researchers awarded in the 2nd edition of the Janssen Prize for Innovation

After the first comes the second; this is true for the Janssen Prize for Innovation with is 2nd edition and for Elsa Anes Group at iMed.ULisboa that includes the researchers David Pires and Nuno Carmo.  The Host Pathogen Interaction Group was again awarded in the area of Infectious Diseases with the 3rd prize with the work in the tuberculosis field titled: Mycobacterium tuberculosis Modulates miR-106b-5p to Control Cathepsin S Expression Resulting in Higher Pathogen Survival and Poor T-Cell Activation. In this edition, more than 90 applications were submitted to distinguish scientific work of excellence in the areas of Lung Hypertension, Oncology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases and Neuroscience, developed mainly in Portuguese institutions and that may yield new medicines. The work by Elsa Anes Group was published after the prize submission in the Nature group Journal, Frontiers in Immunology