April 2018

iMed.ULisboa develops and hosts new online public health tool for the Tuberculosis control, management and translational research in Portuguese Speaking Countries

CPLP-TB is the first online database for tracking M. tuberculosis strains across the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP). This new tool comprises an effective mean to compare strains originating from diverse regions within this vast geographical area and provides new insights on the intercontinental dissemination of important strains such as those associated with drug resistance. This first study, entitled “Clonal expansion across the seas as seen through CPLP-TB database: a joint effort in cataloguing Mycobacterium tuberculosis genetic diversity in Portuguese-speaking countries” is now published on Infection Genetics and Evolution and this online database available at http://cplp-tb.ff.ulisboa.pt.

This novel strain database is also aimed at providing a new framework for collaborative studies and, through its associated biobank, transpose research from laboratory to clinically relevant strains. CPLP-TB is maintained and hosted at iMed.ULisboa by Isabel Portugal and João Perdigão, researchers from the Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology Group at iMed.ULisboa.