João Manuel Braz Gonçalves

PhD (1996) in Pharmacy (Microbiology), Universidade de Lisboa
Associate Professor, Microbiology and Immunology

Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Lisboa — Av. Prof. Gama Pinto, 1649-003 Lisboa, Portugal

T (+351) 217 946 489
F (+351) 217 934 212
Researcher ID B-2013-2008
Group Researcher ID B-5277-2014

Research Interests

We aimed to manipulate the transcription of genes that control HIV-1 to answer questions related to viral latency and antiviral restriction. We also developed small antibody scaffolds that inhibit HIV-1 infection and helped the specific targeting of lentiviral vectors. We now aim to explore reactivation of HIV-I latency and expression of restriction cellular factors to control and eradicate the virus. The use of validated pharmaceutical compound libraries will helps us in this endeavor of modulating viral expression and cellular antiviral defenses. Alternative strategies that combine antibody engineering, genetic delivery systems and synthetic biology are being developed to eliminate cells containing viral genomes.

Selected Publications

orais M, Cantante C, Gano L, Santos I, Lourenço S, Santos C, Fontes C, Aires da Silva F, Gonçalves J, Correia JD. Biodistribution of a 67Ga-labeled anti-TNF VHH single-domain antibody containing a bacterial albumin-binding domain (Zag). Nucl Med Biol. 2014 Jan 17. pii: S0969-8051.

Santa-Marta M, de Brito PM, Godinho-Santos A, Goncalves J. Host Factors and HIV-1 Replication: Clinical Evidence and Potential Therapeutic Approaches. Front Immunol. 2013 Oct 24;4:343. eCollection 2013. Review.

da Silva, F. A., Li, M., Rato, S., Maia, S., Malhó, R., Warren, K., Harrich, D., Craigie, R., Barbas, C. and Goncalves, J. (2012), Recombinant rabbit single-chain antibodies bind to the catalytic and C-terminal domains of HIV-1 integrase protein and strongly inhibit HIV-1 replication. Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry, 59: 353–366. doi: 10.1002/bab.1034.

Cadima-Couto I, Saraiva N, Santos AC, Goncalves J. HIV-1 Vif Interaction with APOBEC3 Deaminases and its Characterization by a New Sensitive Assay. J Neuroimmune Pharmacol. 2011 Jan 29.

Rato S, Maia S, Brito PM, Resende L, Pereira CF, et al. 2010. Novel HIV-1 Knockdown Targets Identified by an Enriched Kinases/Phosphatases shRNA Library Using a Long-Term Iterative Screen in Jurkat T-Cells. PLoS ONE 5(2): e9276. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0009276.