Our organizational structure includes the Coordinator, Cecília M. P. Rodrigues that ensures the scientific leadership of the Unit and is responsible for management activities, leading the Executive Board. This governing body includes as members, leaders of the four strategic Program Areas (Drug Discovery, Design, Development, Usage), and ensures overall development and implementation of coordinated initiatives and activities from the strategic plan.

The Leaders Council comprises group leaders, elects the Coordinator (4-year term), and contributes to the overall design and implementation of the scientific strategy; 15 research groups further ensure implementation. The Researchers Council integrates 94 PhD members, and the Postgraduate Student’s Commission represents 121 PhD students.

Scientists at iMed.ULisboa benefit from shared core laboratories and technologies, broad technical and administrative support, and intense research communication and networking activities.

FARM-ID is part of the management structure, a private not-for-profit association of FF/ULisboa for R&D.

Independent eminent international scientists at the Scientific Advisory Board (4-year term) advise iMed.ULisboa and ensure our strategic direction is in the best interests of science and society.